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Apricot Schnoodle now living in NC
Yogi, Salt&Pepper Schnoodle now living in NJ
Black and Silver Schnoodle now living in Queens,NY
Salt and Pepper Schnoodle,Gabe now lives in SC
Porthoes, Salt & Pepper now living in Utah
Harriet now living in NY,NY
Waffles,Schnoodle now lives in New York, NY
Sable Schnoodle now lives in Niagara Falls
Apricot Schnoodle, Marilyn now lives in SC
The Schnoodle is very loyal to his family, affectionate, extremely intelligent, easily trained, clever, friendly, fun loving, with plenty of personality!
Mr.Bo Jangles,Now lives in Niagara Falls, NY
Louie, Salt &Pepper schnoodle now lives in  Bohemia  ny
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Miniature Schnoodles Toy Schnoodles and Miniature Schnoodles for sale from BarMor Puppies. Black,
Black and Silver, Salt and Pepper, Silver, White, and Parti Colors.
Pictures of Miniature and Toy Schnoodles .
Schnoodles makes an excellent companion because they
are extremely obedient and quick to learn,are devoted, playful and affectionate.
Schnoodles are as much at home in the city with a small amount of exercise as he is in the country where he appears tireless. Easily adapts to any change of
condition or climate. The need, however, is to live as a part of the family, going where they go, doing what they do. Sleeping on the bed, or in his own, beside his owner is a great joy.
The Miniature Schnoodle does not shed, so  can be enjoyed by persons who are allergic to other breeds of dogs.

now living in Mass.
#1 breeder of  for Schnoodle Puppies in NY . We are a Schnoodle  breeder in NY and sell to families throughout the United States.
We breed adorable and affordable Miniature and Toy Schnoodle Puppies that are healthy,loving, smart and pre-spoiled.
                      NJ,NM, N.Y,NC,ND ,OH,OK , OR,PA ,RI ,SC ,SD,TN,TX ,UT,VT,VA , WA, WV, WI ,WY.
Located in The Beautiful Finger Lakes area of New York
New babies in the Nursery
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